Monday, April 21, 2008

The seven habits of highly fertile people.

Sticking pills and suppositories up your vagina.

The title doesn't lie people. I get to stick something up my vagina SEVEN times a day. Seven.

Nurse called with protocol:
~ Delestrogen injection increased to .1ml
~ Estrace, 3mgs total, 1mg 3 times/day, pill inserted vaginally.
~ Viagra, 100mgs total, 25mgs 4 times/day, vaginal suppository

Note - The estrace and Viagra are ~not~ to be taken at the same time. The wax of the suppository can interfere with the estrace, as the estrace dissolves very quickly and needs to have a "clear" entry path to vaginal walls. I am to take the estrace before the viagra, allowing this to happen.

That is SEVEN times a day. And some of this time is going to be at work. (Julie, I'm so sorry for the visual - I know you work with me and now you know what I'll be doing when I go to the bathroom.)

Also, I have a post on my other blog that I found interesting. It's about Buddhism and Me screaming like a little girl. Since it did involve children, I didn't want to put it here, but I will put a link to the blog if you want to take a look.


jenn said...

Damn!!! you are a fertility rock star.

Viagra. Seven pills up the hoo-ha a day. Total rock star & I <3 you.

Denise said...

Seven times-that's ridiculous! I'll be very curious to see if you notice the viagra swelling side effects I'm having that have left me very unsettled and uncomfortable with my own body. Or maybe it just won't bother you like it does me. I can't wait to get off this stuff.

chicklet said...

HOly mother of god, that's insane. Seven times? SEVEN? I don't get it, at all!!!

Jen said...

And I guessed what, eight times?

With my first transfer I was really worried about putting suppositories in while at work and that I would drop them on the floor, in the toilet, whatever.

Now, it's easy. Although, I still only touch the door with a paper towel because I don't want door handle germies up my cooch.

Wordgirl said...

I second the fertility rock star comment!

I am a total fertility wuss.

Following your cycle avidly and cheering you on,


Anonymous said...

Nancy, can I just tell you that you are amazing. I so admire your dedication and everything you are willing to go through to have another baby. 7 times a day--wow. I agree with Jenn that you are a fertility rock star.


Tammy said...

Is that a waxy 'bullet' in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? ;O)

shinejil said...

Damn, Nancy. Seven. Who comes up with these protocols? Beelzebub?

Miss Tori said...

I want to know how the wax gets absorbed or does it run out? Do you do the estrace the first part of the day, and then all the viagra, or do you have to take turns with them? I'm just wondering how the waxy stuff dissolves or is eliminated enough for the next estrace tab. Hmmm, the shots are sounding better and better! Although I do have the progesterone supps to use later.

Oh the things we go through to have kids. They darn well better appreciate it when they get here! lol


Dr. Grumbles said...

What does it say about me that I am jealous that you get to insert that often???

I miss treatment. I am sick.

Pamela Jeanne said...

Been reading along, Nancy, but not commenting recently. This post however blew my mind. SEVEN times a day? I thought twice a day was bad when I was in the throes of treatment. I am not worthy...

Kim said...

Wow! You are a trooper. I only had to use a progesterone suppository once a day! I cannot imagine seven times a day and tow different meds that cannot go in together! Ugh!