Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I made a half decision.

I'm ~not~ going with #3. If this cycle fails, I'll be doing #3 regardless, so just going to #3 now seems silly.

Tomorrow I will talk to the RE and tell him I will not do a partial stims cycle for my FET. I am open to do another fresh IVF cycle anywho, so next time I do stims is the next IVF. Which leads to the question "Do you think another week of trying to grow the lining will really help?".

I posed this question to the nurse this afternoon when she called me to tell me my estrogen levels were "great" (too bad that doesn't matter). She didn't really tell me what to choose, but did say "Nancy, you are maxed out on meds right now and we are already 4 days past when we'd normally do a FET." I think she was trying to tell me another week is not going to do much, so I'm guessing tomorrow's decision will be "go for it".

I think they are all worried about wasting my embryos, but in my mind, I want to ~use~ them. If I'm just going to another fresh cycle and I respond to stims, I can make more, right?

I just feel this is the right way to go.


jenn said...

I didn't even get a chance to respond below- but I was going to go with option #1 anyway. I think that even though your lining isn't great- it's still better than you've had. And I agree that 30% is better than 20% & with your short timeline I couldn't bear to see you not go for FET.

Option #2 scares the bejesus out of me (if I had to pick it for myself) so I am glad you aren't going that direction.

I'm so sorry about your lining & having to make this decision, but I hope (& think) that your gut is right on this one.

Wordgirl said...

I wish I had any good suggestions -- but I am so new a this part of the journey -- what I can say is that I truly believe you can't go wrong if you follow your gut, your heart...

My thoughts are with you Nancy,



chicklet said...

You sound quite positive (in that you could go to another IVF and brew more), which is pretty good considering how many ups and downs you've had - that's really awesome that you can do so well, even if only for a few moments.

As for what to do, to me it's all about what you can emotionally handle? If you're okay with using embryos even if your lining might not be perfect, you should go for it. Cuz there are probably women out there who get pregnant with a less than ideal lining so what the hell? GOod luck...

Beth said...

I completely agree. Good luck with your next doctor's appointment.