Friday, April 4, 2008

It's too soon. (updated)

Apparently, based on my labs, I'm a good 5-6 days away from AF. Could have fooled me. I totally thought she was almost here. Guess 20 years of periods doesn't help me know what my body is doing.

When AF comes, we start the process over and we can still proceed. (hopefully)

updated: I was on a conference call working a production problem when I wrote this, so I couldn't put enough thought into details...

E2 is still in 1,000+. HCG (from trigger) still at 5.4. Progesterone is still there too, but I forgot number. She said I'm just still in the midst of my cycle, so when I'll get AF in 5-6 days, things should look much better.

Got the PIO and delestrogen today. PIO (in sesame oil - normal?) looks scary. And lots of it. Plus, the needles are huge. Ack. And the delestrogen looks like it's in oil too, but not AS thick. Same IM needles as menopur, smaller than the pio needles. But still.

Due to the free fluid, they want me to push protein. I asked how much protein is "a lot" of protein and they want me to take in 100 grams OVER the normal 65 grams in my 3 meals a day.


Okay, so I got protein shakes and stuff at vitamin place. The guy was hilarious, telling me what tasted good but with the good taste comes .... calories. Uh-oh. lol.

I said "do I look like a body builder to you?"


s.e. said...

Man. It would almost be better if they withhold all results until you could get a final answer. It's understandable if you just don't know how to feel right now. Hold onto the hopefully part!

jenn said...

shit. Up. Down. Up. Down. This sucks Nancy. At least they tried though- and do you still get to wait & see what happens by Monday...

KatieM said...

Holy Cow Nancy, that is A LOT of protein!!! Sorry for the PIO though....praying this will all be worth it come the end of April.

Dagny said...

Sorry about the ride.

I'll be wishing you luck on Monday!!!