Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Things that are good about a June FET.

Okay, even though I hate this fucking wait, I need to see what's good about a June FET.

1. It won't interfere with my ~giant~ April release at work (April 19)
2. It won't interfere with Ella's birthday (April 23rd)
3. It won't interfere with Ella's birthday party (April 26th)
4. I'll have more time to save the money needed for more acupuncture. *
5. I'll have more time to save for the costs for the procedure itself.
6. I won't be giant pregnant for xmas (although this is barely a 'pro'. I know what it's like to be giant pregnant and it's not really that hard) but I could potentially be pretty big.

Um, that's all I can think of. Anyone?

* People tell me how lucky I am for insurance. And I know how lucky I am. BUT, I think it's assumed I got a pass on having to pay for anything. I still have to pay 20% (2,200), $650 for acupuncture, $215 for meds and yet another $280 for copays. That's $3,345!! Not quite something I just have in my back pocket. Along with the $16,000+ I pay for daycare each year, I'm pretty damn ~b.r.o.k.e.~! So that was for this IVF. I need to come up with another $400 for acupuncture, another $300 in copays and at least $800 for the doctor. $1,500. Hrm. I have no idea where I'm going to get it just yet.

Yes, this is much less than paying $16,000 for IVF out of pocket. But if I had to pay for that out of pocket, I would of taken out a loan. The way I'm doing it, I'm just paying with my petty cash, so to speak. And I don't have much of it! So I'm poorer in the present than I would of been if I paid out of pocket. Not debt to asset ratio of course, cause I don't have a $16,000 loan, but damn. I'm really really really poor. Do you know how long it's been since I've purchased a handbag? AAHHHH!!!! ~wink~

And if anyone can come up with more positives, I'm all ears! (and no "your lining will be better" crap!)


Denise said...

Let's see, there is a much smaller chance that a big snow storm would strand you in June leaving you unable to get to the doctor's office in time for your transfer. Not that there was a big storm yesterday, but the chances were certainly higher than they will be in June.

How's that? I know, I'm stretching.

Good for you for trying to acknowledge the positives. Even though they just don't compare to the suckage.

jenn said...

You can really enjoy cinco de mayo (maybe?)

You have lots of time for your poor swollen belly to go down before it gets all swollen again. ;o)

$1,500. That's about an IUI cycle at my clinic. I'm not trying to make you feel bad at all- I just think my clinic is super expensive... I don't have any advice on that except for clip coupons & who needsnew purses, clothes, shoes... god- I miss shoes the most!

Anonymous said...

Neither here nor there, but my daughter's birthday is also on April 23 and her party's on April 26. Congrats on your Taurus girl.

One really-stretching reason why June is a great time for transfer... it could fall near the summer equinox, which would be a neat conception day, right?

Another really dumb stretch... you could celebrate July 4 with blue and white positive pee sticks... no red, get it? Ok, that's just too geeky. Delete. Delete.

Kudos for trying to find the silver lining. I'm still damn sorry that you have to.


Rachel Inbar said...

Well, hoping all goes well, a baby conceived in June is born near the end of the winter & by the following winter is pretty sturdy... I have 3 March babies & it seems like an ideal time of year. Ah - you also get 3 months or so with the newborn before your kids have school vacation - enough time to get used to things...

~Joe said...

I was thinking the same as can drink on Cinco De Mayo possibly. Now I have to think of another one...hmmm lets see OH I know it'll give you more time to think of some more names for your embies. 12% said they wanted more of a selection :P

Duck said...

hmm your lining will be better crap... seriously, i joke not, i'm in the same waiting until lining is no longer aneroxic wasteland, so I'm saying your lining may be better (these are the lies I tell myself, so I have to tell them to you too!).
also maybe the embies will be happier in your belly in june, june, at least here, is a nice hot month, so they may enjoy that.

jamie said...

Margaritas when it starts to get hot. One more summer looking skinny in a swimsuit. Tanning in the tanning bed. Sleeping on your stomach. BTW you need to drool on the new Cole Haan bags that are out. I am super upset that I can't afford one right now. GRRRR.

nancy said...

I don't drink really. I do, but I really could care less if I can't drink.

And I'm not going to pick different names for my embies. I put that option in there as a joke thinking no one would pick it and 12% of people actually picked it. Kinda made me feel bad!

Ahuva Batya said...

A June transfer means you'll be biggest in winter/late winter, which means you'll be able to wear big baggy sweaters.

nancy said...

oh no! That sucks. I love to be pregnant in summer because I hate hiding my belly!!! POOP!! The thought of "baggy sweaters" just made me feel a bit of heartache.

Anonymous said...

more time for things to work out(or settle down - whatever) between you & hubby? more derby action(are you still doing that?)...and that'a all I got...

(trigs?)- I agree with you about being big pg in the summer, all mine are summer babies and I'm planning the rest like that too. love to show off the baby belly...

Torilou71 said...

Flag day - maybe you have the transfer on the 14th and get to proudly fly your KU banner.

Labor day - you'll get to take it easy and not have to worry about going into early labor.

Halloween - you can dress up as a pumpkin without having to use too much artificial stuffy

Thanksgiving - still small enough that you can eat to your heart's content and not have too bad of heartburn

Christmas - you'll play Santa this year!

New Year's Eve - well, you'll be dreaming of the new year coming in, as you'll be too tired to be up at midnight

President's day - seriously, who cares. Unless those presidents are in your pocket book, you don't want to think about them.

Spring break - hah! Snowed in, ready to deliver, and you call this spring????

Jen said...

I don't think there are any positives I can come up with short of a guarantee it will end in a baby that will make you feel better.

But I'm very jealous of your IVF costs. It sucks that it's out of pocket but I'm getting to the point that I think once I actually give birth to a real live baby I'll have to sell it to pay our debts. :P