Monday, April 14, 2008

Never use PEN.

My RE changes this around SO much, I have learned to never use pen on my calendar. EVER.

Today's lining check for my "oral estrogen only" mock cycle went as I pretty much expected "Your lining is very thin". Really? How incredible! Call the media! heh.

So he decided he doesn't want to waste anymore time. We're starting NOW. Here's my protocol:

~ Stop taking estrace pronto. This could start a bleed, may not. He said it doesn't matter if it does or not because this protocol can be done now or on cd1 so no matter what, it's cool.

~ Get the femara on board now too. I'm to take 1 pill today, 2 tuesday, 3 wednesday and 4 thursday for a total of 25mg. This should make the lining all jonesin for estrogen.

~ U/S on Friday to see what I've got. IF I got "multiple" nice follicles, we'll continue "natural" cycle FET. Yeah, right. If not much, we'll start the destrogen injections. To be honest, I hope we do the injections - we already know what my follicles do to the lining all on their own - not much.

So young grasshopper, what does this mean regarding a transfer date? No freaking clue. I'll go ahead with an estimate of late next week. Maybe.


Candi B. said...

That is awesome!! So happy for you!!

Gretchen said...

sorry they have been jerking you around... hope they get their act together and you get to do your FET!! i am pulling for you girl!!! hope to hear a BFP in a couple of weeks!!

~Joe said...

I swear I never know what to expect when I come to your blog, the news is always changing! soooo glad its good good good news,I'm crossing my fingers!

jenn said...

holy cow! Late next week is so soon! I hope your lining shapes up & gets nice & plump!

waitinginline said...

So does this mean they think they know how to get a nice thick lining?

I hope things work out in your favor this time!!!

Denise said...

Your head must be spinning from all the changes!

chicklet said...

Through a wonky first IVF, I learned the pen thing too - there's no point, cuz you can't predict your body or doctors. So pencil it is.

And maybe pencilled in the same days as you. Wishing you lots of luck.

Ahuva Batya said...

This is so exciting! After all the ups and downs you've had to go through, this is a really big up!