Sunday, January 13, 2008

And for my 200th post ....

I'll make it an "all about ME" post. (but aren't they all about ME anyway?)

I am wearing my SKINNY JEANS today. Oh yes. My favorite jeans. They are a pair of levi's and just have that perfect fit. Let's see if the tag is still on. They are called "slouch flare" and size 7 junior. They aren't actually flared jeans - more like a boot cut.

Ahhhh. I love these jeans. I still can't get into any of my 2, 4 or my 6's and honestly, I don't think I'll ever get into my 2s again (that was insane skinny for me). The 4s are sized wrong if you ask me, so they are more like 6s. And then again, the 2s were probably more like 4s, but still - never will I wear them again. I want to get into my seven for all mankind jeans. I love those jeans. But these levis are my everyday love jeans. Not nice enough to go to work, but always nice enough to wear everyday at home, shopping, etc.

They are totally too tight though. And if I saw someone ELSE wear jeans this tight, I'd think to myself "try looking in a mirror and buy bigger pants" but I'm still wearing them. Fuck people like me who would say such things! :)

I don't have anything hanging out, they are just tight. And they are MINE. I'm hyped.

So happy 200 post to me.


added later - I bought a new box of opks, cause my internet cheapies ran out. The instructions say to hold in urine stream for 15 seconds. Please tell me, who in the hell pees for more than 15 full seconds? Cause I don't.


Nico said...

You can fit into junior jeans??? My thighs are just WAY too big for that. Congrats on fitting back into these, though, that's fantastic!!

Io said...

Heh. The 15 second thing makes me laugh - back in the first year of ttc when every month I was convinced I was pregnant so I would poas I always wondered how on earth anyone could pee for that long.

chicklet said...

I sure as hell don't, it's why I have my pee cup.

KatieM said...

I love anything with skinny in the title. I bought two pair of "skinny flares" the other day and I was happy as hell.

Rock on hun! =) Oh, and yay for the 200th post on the new blog!

Lastly, 15 seconds?!?! Not happening, hahah

jamie said...

congrats, congrats, congrats and maybe after a few beers i could put 15 seconds to shame but i don't think that would work well with ttc. ;)

Searching said...

Happy 200th!!!

jenn said...

7 juniors eh... WOO-HOO!!! Yay for skinny jeans!

And I have my own personal pee cup as well- 15 seconds is really impossible!

hoping for a child said...

i'm so damn jealous. my ass has been growing out of control ever since my doctor told me i couldn't work out anymore. i think i'm an 8 now. i'm thinking about trying yoga. he said i can't do anything that will break a sweat. i was going to buy myself a treadmill but the doctor actually said no to that too.