Thursday, January 31, 2008

Does this progesterone make my boobs look big?

Holy moly.

The progesterone I'm taking sure is doing a doozy to my system today. Well, not my "system" so much as my boobs. Sensitive and they feel like they are about to bust out of my bra (pun intended).


I feel much better now that I have the IVF ball rolling. Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment today. There is still some hope for tomorrow's beta, but I'm definitely not holding my breath. At least the beta will put a finality to this without making me wait for AF. Silver lining, right?

Hey - has anyone using blogger noticed spellcheck isn't working? I click it, but nothing happens. Although I don't proof read, I do like to run spellcheck.


krista said...

If you have to travel down this road, I'll be hoping and praying for success, each step of the way. ((((hugs))))

Kaci said...

Glad you're feeling better. I hope you have a nice surprise tomorrow, but know that if you don't, you'll have lots of support as you go through IVF. (((hugs))) (And I haven't noticed spellcheck not working - I rarely remember to use it!)

Denise said...

Yep, I noticed the issue with spellcheck tonight.

I'm hoping against hope for you tomorrow. But if things don't go that way, there are many of us here to support you through the next steps.

Jenera said...

The spellcheck issue has been bugging me all day. I have been rereading like three times.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, it sounds like you have a wonderful husband and other great friends to help you through this.


~Carrie said...

I really hope you get a wonderful surprise and a positive beta today!

I hope you do not have to go the IVF route, but if you do, the medicated part isn't that bad (I am only speaking from my experience though) you have a higher does of drugs, but until egg retrieval I didn't find it a whole lot different than getting ready for an IUI. Again, I hope you don't have to go that route though.

ps - Progesterone drives me up a wall - it increases my boob size a LOT and nothing fits. And they hurt!

charmedgirl said...

right- no spellcheck. the beta will probably suck but good that you're already on to the next thing.


Chas said...

With as much progesterone as I've been on over the past few years, I've never had any boob related symptoms; I must be the only one b/c I hear lots of other women say the same things as you.

I hadn't noticed the spell check on blogger, probably b/c I've never used it. Mozilla underlines all misspelled words for me.

SaraS-P said...

Progesterone boobs just aren't as cool as pregnancy boobs...hope IVF gives you big giant preggo knockers.

Gramjen said...

There are so many different hormones that come into play when pregnant or undergoing IVF. Progesterone can result in some unexpected bustiness for people. Between the increased HCG levels from an HCG injection process, progesterone, estrogen and testosterone levels shifting constantly, there is a lot to handle in addition to natural emotions surrounding the hopes of getting pregnant. Best of luck to you through this process.