Friday, January 25, 2008

5dpIUI 'trigger' injection plus POAS party plans.

I got my 2nd and last hCG injection today. And my hubby did the sticking! I knew he'd have to do it this time, but to make it easier on him (he's terrified of needles), I didn't say a word. As he was ready to leave this morning, coat on and everything, he came up for a goodbye kiss. That's when I turned around and thrust a filled syringe at him and asked him if he wants me to circle the place he needs to stick me. He looked like he even got pissed for a moment and I asked him "please don't at angry with me, I don't like this either" and he chilled out. I turned around, stick!, and it was over. Easy as can be. He looked all empowered when we were done.

For those of you asking "why the 2nd hCG injection?", let me explain. My RE noticed I have a short LP. It's not crazy short, but lingers around 12 days. After the second monitored cycle (This is my 3rd IUI, but my 4th time getting hCG triggers due to monitoring), he noticed my 12 day LP trend, so he talked to me about changing my protocol in that I'll take both progesterone and hcg support throughout my LP. All it will do is help the lining in the LP and will mess with my need to POAS looking for lines.

My last hCG triggered cycle's hcg protocol: reconstitute with 4ccs, trigger w/ 2ccs and 1cc each on 4dpo and 6dpo. This time: reconstitute with 3ccs, trigger w/ 2ccs and 1cc 5dpIUI.

We'll see how it goes this time. Last time, it really screwed with my peeing on a stick. At 8dpo, I was checking on trigger and got a light bfp. I assumed incorrectly that it would be gone by the next day, so when I saw a slightly stronger bfp the next day, I thought it actually worked. Don't ask me why I thought that - I was simply obsessed. At 9dpo, I know that is too early, but it's been known to happen. Even with the trigger, I convinced myself it was it. It got darker, for goodness' sake! But, the next day it was negative again, so there you go. At least I know that at 10dpo, with all my trigger injection cycles, the hcg was not detected anymore.

Anywho, being the mathlete that I am, I did some simple calculations on paper to see when or IF I'd be able to start my pee party at all the cycle.

On average, it takes 10 days for 10,000 IUs of hCG to work it's way through the system. That's 1,000 IUs/24 hours or 500 IUs/12 hours. I know it's not actually this simple and it's not on such a time schedule, but for my calculations, this will work just fine. And we know from 3 previous cycles that 10dpo showed negatives. 9dpo, not so much, but 10dpo was clear.

~ cd21, pm. 6,666 IUs injected.
~ cd22, pm. 5,666 IUs left 1 day past trigger. (insemination day)
~ cd23, pm. 4,666 IUs left 2 days past trigger. (1dpIUI)
~ cd24, pm. 3,666 IUs left 3 days past trigger. (2dpIUI)
~ cd25, pm. 2,666 IUs left 4 days past trigger. (3dpIUI)

~ cd26, am. 2,166 IUs left in system 4.5 days past trigger. I also got a bfp, so definitely still showing hCG. But it wasn't really super dark, which leads me to believe I am passing it faster than this rate, but I won't vary my rates. (4dpIUI)

today, ~ cd27, am. 1,166 IUs left in system 5.5 days past trigger. I got another bfp, lighter than yesterdays But this if these cheapies are this light with ~so much~ hcg? These cheapies must suck! Anywho, I'm still not going to vary these rates for my 'experiment'. (5dpIUI)

today, ~ cd27, am. Added another 3,334 IUs to system, making total 4,500 IUs in system, 5.5 days past initial trigger.

~ cd28, am. 3,500 IUs left 6.5 days past initial trigger. (6dpIUI)
~ cd29, am. 2,500 IUs left 7.5 days past initial trigger. (7dpIUI)
~ cd30, am. 1,500 IUs left 8.5 days past initial trigger. (8dpIUI)
~ cd31, am. 500 IUs left 9.5 days past initial trigger. (9dpIUI)
~ cd32, am. All hCG should be gone (as of last night), 10.5 days past initial trigger. (10dpIUI)

~ cd33, am. Thursday, Jan 31st, 11dpIUI - Testing party should be allowed to commence at this point and I could actually look for a bfp if I this cycle is a success.

I initially thought my beta was on 11dpIUI, but it's on 12dpIUI. So I do get to start testing next thursday, 11dpIUI, ~if~ my 10dpIUI hpt is clearly negative. Yay.


Lori said...

NOT being a mathlete, I don't quite understand everything you said.

But I DO know that I'm hoping we get to celebrate with you when we get together. That's within the realm of possibility, isn't it?

Kaci said...

I've been waiting for the info on when you will test. If I'm counting right it's Thursday? Good luck! I hope you can stay sane between now & then. 2WW sucks.

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

You are an astounding peeonastickamatician.

So Thursday!! YAHOO!!

Io said...

My head is spinning after trying to read that...
but I know I'm excited for Thursday!

Anonymous said...

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