Monday, January 14, 2008

cycle close to being cancelled.

As far as my nurse practitioner says - it's cancelled as of now.

CD15 follie check showed no growth. None. Righty is all still at 10 and a few on left are 13ish. Unless the ones that were 13ish used to be the ones that were 10ish, I've got nothing going on. No response? I just don't understand how that could be.

I'm ~beyond~ disappointed. After 3 months of forced taking a break cycles to get my first chance cancelled under me. I can't put it into words. Couldn't formulate words right now cause of the lump in my throat anywho.

I just started getting super tender too. I usually don't get this tender until real growth starts. Sex was uncomfortable and painful last night. That doesn't happen until the last days of growth and NOTHING? How can that be? Why am I feeling so fucking tender starting yesterday? WHY?

Only thing I can hope for is for some late bloomers. But, also was told no growth isn't good. 2 days with nothing is usually cause for cancellation. Fucking advil. I blame it on all the advil I was taking. Why don't they tell you that? Damn it! I asked her about it today and she told me I should of told them I was taking it. I didn't think TO tell them I was taking ibuprofen. She asks about "medications" everday, but I never mentioned it. Yes, my fault, but advil???

I have this to hold onto. Cycle 12 was a late blooming cycle.
cd13 - 11x12
cd16 - 19x13
cd18 - 19x20x20

I still finally got there. So, I'm cd15 today and I have (2) 13mm follies. In 3 more days, if they've done ~something~, I can continue. If not, I'm out. Insert disappointment here.

My god, my belly is tender. How are they not growing? Why am I more tender today than I was 2 days ago? No sense. None.

Next u/s on Thursday morning. But you better believe if I get a "peak" reading on my monitor, I'm calling for an immediate u/s. Because the late blooming cycle, I got a peak the morning I went in and found 19x20x20. I'm not going to miss that.

Have a good day everyone - I'm going to spend the day sulking and crying. later.

Has anyone else out there ever had follies that didn't grow for a day or two and then they picked up again? Anyone?

grasping here --- Saturday's u/s showed <15x7 and todays they were more round, 13x11~ish. If they started to "round" up, that would not be backward's growth, right? Basic math. The area of the 13x11 would be bigger than 15x7. So maybe I am not out and I'm having a cycle like C12 when I didn't get matured follies until cd18. So I wait.


shinejil said...

Good luck, Nancy! I hope you've got a posse of late bloomers on your hands!

Monica Fayth said...

OMG, Nancy! I am so so sorry. That really sucks. I'm really hoping they grow more in the next few days.

Sandra said...

That sucks that they are slow growers. What did you estrogen do? Thats what my doctor mainly worries about.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

many many follie growing vibes headed your way!! it makes total sense that they are just rounding out! (((HUGS)))

Jen said...

I'm so sorry. I'm keeping everything crossed for a late bloomer. This is just so completely unfair.

jamie said...