Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No comments please.

I suddenly have this feeling that this isn't going to be my cycle.

With all the excitement of still getting bfps, I just know it's still from my trigger. (for those of you not reading today - it's 11 days past original hcg trigger of 6,666 UIs and only 5 days past the support trigger of 3,334 UIs of hcg).

Even though I have my first triphasic chart of my life, I know it still doesn't mean anything.

I just I know tomorrow's BFN at 11dpIUI is going to happen. I know I'm going to get another BFN at 12dpIUI. I know my beta that day will show nothing.

I was so full of hope until just a little while ago, where I just got a sudden feeling that this is not my month. I will have to continue on to IVF where I don't know what the outcome will be.

Wow, a sudden sadness has just overcome me.

This isn't for anyone to try to lift my spirits or to try to get "good lucks" coming my way. I just wanted to put this out in a place someone would understand. And just listen to.


Lori said...

Listening and hearing.

And sitting with you.


wow! was gone all day and missed the day of questions and answers. you had some good questions and even better answers. my question, although don't be compelled to answer it......why do you definitely plan to stop ttc when you turn 36?

nancy said...

For the health risks to the baby. I don't want to risk the heath of a baby just to fulfill my wish to have another.

Artblog said...

No comment given just a big ol hug!