Thursday, January 3, 2008

My RE is on TOP of things (financially)

I saw him yesterday. I sat and talked to the finance guy before I left, telling him I will no longer be paying out of pocket for all things infertile (no, no, it's not all rainbows and sunshine). He said he'd bill for IUI and I'll have to pay up to $300 for what insurance doesn't pay for (and as I mentioned, I have a $250 deductible, so hoping the "up to" only means another $50 on top of that). I also mentioned I wanted to get pre-authed for IVF. I don't know if there is an official pre-authorization for it, but I know there are rules (12 months of infertility using other less expensive methods, letter of credible coverage from old insurance, etc) and I want them to all be in a row for if/when IVF is necessary. (good lord. IVF. Queue "I never thought it would be me" flashbacks).

My god, I ramble.

Anywho, I saw him YESTERDAY and I already got in the mail today a "just to confirm we will bill insurance for IUI and you'll have to pay up to $300. And I've talked to finance-girl-x and she will start the pre-authorization for IVF".

Day-um. He must have run back to his office to write the letter to get it in yesterday's mail. Maybe the poor guy's bored. Shouldn't be with the lines of people in and out of that waiting room.

Oh - and tell me. Is EVERYONE employed by your RE pregnant too? It's really annoying to find at least one VERY pregnant person waddling working there. Maybe they hire pregnant girls on purpose - kind of as positive reinforcement of their all powerful treatments. But it doesn't do much for me except piss me off. And I REALLY have to bite my tongue from asking "do you get an employee discount?"


jennifercarol said...

There's a pregnant nurse at my RE's office too. I think it would be hilarious to ask that question, but I somehow suspect they wouldn't agree.

Pamela Jeanne said...

Ah, yes. I remember the "I never thought it would be me" flashbacks, and you reminded me that it seemed everywhere I looked in my RE and OB/GYN's office while I was in treatment I was getting my blood pressure taken by a pregnant staffer. Damn that sucked.

SaraS-P said...

I love it that I am a label muse!

Luckily, I never saw any preggos at my RE's office. Maybe that's because of my lack of insurance coverage and resulting need to minimize my time there.

After my first u/s for preg #2, I remember being very careful to hide the photos so as not to upset anyone in the waiting room. Preggos can't hide their bellies after a point, but I at least could hide those photos.

Anonymous said...

I never saw a pg staff member at my clinic. You'd think they'd put them behind the scenes or something.

One of the counselors told me they did have a pg nurse at one point, she didn't see a problem with it. Yeah, the infertility counselor didn't see what the prob might be with being faced with a pg woman doing your early morning blood draw. WTF.