Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Well now, ~that~ is a new one.

Just got back from the RE (in a handful of new inches of snow and it being 16 degrees, but what IF patient actually skips an appointment?) and had my HSS and follie check.

Lining: Thin. Check. (thin lining is synonymous with the name "nancy")

Follies: Left: 5 under 10. Right: 5 under 10. (ack. the under 10 is no biggie, I'm usually a slow grower at cd9 and always have some outstanding ones at my next appointment. But 10? Not my usual count. I'm only going to let 20% of these babies mature (no pun intended) because any more mature, my cycle is cancelled.

Uterus: Normal. Check.

WHAT? What was that I just typed? NORMAL? Yes people, yes. I've got a NORMAL uterus. And I'm quite pleased with myself. So pleased, I had this conversation with Mr RE:

Me: Wow. That's a nice looking Uterus.
RE: Yes, I'd have to agree.
Me: No really, have you ~ever~ seen a nicer uterus?
RE: As a matter of fact, it is one of the nicest uteruses I've seen in months.
Me: Well, I can't let nature take all the credit. I have, in fact, has quite a bit of work done.
RE: Cosmetic surgery junkie?
Me: Yeah, I must admit. I'm thinking of a ute lift if a few years. But in the market for an implant right now.

I ~love~ the fact I don't have to make this shit up. Oh, and that I really like Dr Dick now. I have to come up with a better name for him.

A little fun for the day. I signed up for some daily horoscopes - things like my tarot card of the day general overview, etc. I actually forgot about it and got my first emails today.

Tarot: The Knave of Swords card suggests that my power today lies in promise.

Overview: Something new has captured your attention and riled you up -- in a good way.

Greenscope: Minimize bad emotional energy. Toss out anger, envy, doubt and hatred. Apologize if necessary, and let the other stuff go. (lol. Is this a "secret"? Does Secret Loon work at the website?

Love Tarot: The Four of Wands card suggests that you may be celebrating a commitment. The two of you are enjoying success, attention, relief or reward at the most fundamental level of your relationship.

Babyscope: You have a strong sense of what you want, so go ahead and let the other around you know, so together you can be more successful than you would have working alone.

Cosmic Calendar: Powerful and yet unusual forces are on the march - beginning with the potent New Moon. The good news - with any New Moon - is that the solar-lunar convergence suggests that golden opportunities are ripe for the picking. There is also an aura of optimism, exuberance and anticipation that success is just around the corner. (okee dokey. How cool is this one in regards to making a baby? "potent". "ripe for the picking". "optimism that success is just around the corner". All great fertile words and phrases!)


MDShamrocks07 said...

Yay on a normal uterus!! Woohoo! Glad things are starting to look up for you, I hope this is just the beginning. ♥

And btw, where did you get that horoscope? That's pretty cool!

nancy said...

Shay - it's just the generic horoscopes at Astrology.com.

Kaci said...

Woohoo for a nice looking uterus!

MDShamrocks07 said...

Sweet. Thanks dahling! lol ♥♥

Kelly said...

YAY for the normal uterus! Glad all of the surgeries did their job:)

KatieM said...

Yipee...and I love the reading! =)

Jen said...

Congrats on the pretty ute!

Swim said...

Fingers crossed for a good cycle for you.

BTW - What is the make and model of your super duper scale you bought the other day? I want one!

SaraS-P said...

So, how much does a ute lift cost?

I am sure my HMO would never foot the bill.

My aunt is a tarot card reader on the side (yes, the aunt that drives me nuts). Every time she forces me into a reading, she sees a baby in my near future. She has to be right eventually, right? Then she can tell our kid, "I predicted your arrival!"

nancy said...

Swim - it's a bowflex scale. They had 4 models:

$99.99 (on sale for 79.99)
$49.99 (on sale for 39.99)

I got the $79.99 no sale one. I didn't like the super fancy dancy one though - the one that cost the same.

Swim said...

Thanks! I'm almost afraid to get on a scale after the month long cookie fest last month. :-(

Julie said...

Great news Nancy!

Meredith said...

Congrats on the normal uterus! I hope early 2008 will be it for you!

Ann said...

Hey, a lovely uterus is not something to turn your nose up at! There are people who pay way more than the cost of plastic surgery to make their uteruses better looking.

Mandalynn25 said...

Congrats on the good news! Hopefully IUI #3 is the lucky one!

Krista said...

Glad the uterus is nice and I hope the follies behave.

jenn said...

"I'm thinking of a ute lift if a few years. But in the market for an implant right now."

I'm so glad to see such a fantastic result! Woo-hoo for perfect uteri!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the lovely normal uterus!!! Hooray!

babytlc said...

Well, it is (don't want to use the contraction incorrectly, ;o))about damn time.

This is great news.

Io said...

Um, I want your doctor. How freakin awesome.

trisha said...

so...dare I ask if a uterus implant exists? Oh, and how do they see it? was this an ultrasound? STupid question, i know..but since I havent been trhough what you are going through, I thought I would ask.

nancy said...

Trisha - No, there is no such thing as a uterus implant. I was making a cosmetic surgery joke since I've had to much "work" done to my uterus. :)

And they saw this by a method called an HSS (HystoSalineSonogram or something like that. I'm too lazy to look up the correct spelling). They put a catheter into my uterus and then put the wand monkey (the ultrasound wand) inside my hooha. Then they fill up my uterus with saline and watch, via ultrasound, the uterus expand. The uterus is normally collapsed, so if it was sealed shut with scar tissue, the wouldn't be able to tell. That's why they "open" it up with saline, so make sure it does open. This was the first time my uterus opened up like it should - which means NO MORE SCAR TISSUE! Yay!!!

And I appreciate you asking. So many "fertiles", as we call them, don't usually take the time to learn something they didn't have to deal with. So thank you.

Anonymous said...

About time for that "ute" to be perfect! I'm so happy for you and keeping my fingers crossed.


trisha said...

Thats pretty interesting nancy! thank you for taking the time to explain it to me.

jenn said...

Nancy- I had to sign up for my own daily horoscopes- much easier to read in your e-mail!

I like my daily tarot today, but something tells me it's a bit premature!

The World card suggests that my alter ego is The Conqueror, whose superpower lies in graduation to the next level. Today I am free. I have accomplished my mission and feel on top of the world. I will enjoy the experience to its fullest. I have come full circle on my path to success. My job is done, my dream fulfilled, and I have them eating out of my hands. Accept and embrace the journey taken. It has served great purpose in my growing wiser and stronger, and has provided a sense of relief in that now it's complete