Monday, January 7, 2008

I got a fancy new scale.

My scale was old school. Not ~that~ old, as it was still digital as opposed to those awesome dials that swing back and forth upon stepping on it, but old nonetheless.

I had a day off today and I spent some of it shopping at a sports store. I bought some cool stuff - a mini stair stepping machine, a cool brown parka with a detachable hood, A fleece jacket that is so awesome, but can't find a picture of the green & grey one I have, ~pink~ fuzzy fleece gloves (if you click link, you have to choose the pink color option to see just how cool they are), a super thick yoga mat to use when we do floor workouts during derby and my super cool new scale.

In comparing the given weights of the old and new scale, looks like my old scale was off by a pound, so I added that pound to my sidebar weightloss ticker (booo!). Along with the telling me how much I weigh, this scale tells me SO much more. For prosperity, I will list them. Hopefully in a few months they'll be totally different because I've gotten into awesome shape ~or~ I'm a big fat pregnant chick.

The scale first takes in my height (5'7"), activity level (moderate), age (35), gender (girl) and athlete status (not). Then it's on to the nitty gritty.

Weight: 143.6 (after dinner weight, so need to make sure my morning weight is still the 140 like my ticker displays)
Total Body Fat: 22.1%
Total Body Water: 54.4%
Bone Mineral Mass: 7.4 lbs (you'd think bone would weigh more)
Muscle Mass: 49.1 lbs
Daily Calorie Requirement to maintain the 143.6 lbs: 2,280 calories
Suggested Ideal Weight: 149.2 lbs (must be an error)
Ideal Daily Calorie Requirement to maintain my suggested ideal weight: 2,315.

Hrm. I can't wait until I see what it tells me in the morning.


Nico said...

Okay, since you're all down with assvice now, can I add some too? I think you should be careful about going too much lower on your BMI while TTC. I think you're at an absolutely perfect weight right now - and as your body spends more and more time in the caloric deficit that it takes to lose weight, it spends less and less time on fertility. Not to say that your system will be as sensitive as mine - but something to be aware of just in case. End assvice :-)

Nico said...

P.S. The new scale sounds super cool!

nancy said...

Don't worry Nico - my lowest goal is only 135 :) and I'm 5'7".

trisha said...

WOAH! Where did you get that? I need that.I dont even weigh myself, but i would love to know the rest of that stuff. You I could wallow in self pity.