Friday, January 18, 2008

I love to POAS.

Even in an IUI cycle, I love it.

And finally, I got a positive something. It's my OPK, but still, seeing a positive line makes happy.

Looks like things are on track for a weekend ovulation, so timing couldn't be better. I usually get 2 days of +opk, so I'm likely to O Sunday. I love when the timing of the +opk and the trigger shot coincides. And since hCG reacts the same to an opk as LH, I like getting the +opk ~before~ trigger (since the hcg would automatically give me a +opk).

Tomorrow morning I should see that egg on my monitor too.

So yay. Hope is back in town. (see Ryan? I still ~puffy heart~ hope).


KatieM said...

Then you will love the fact I've already started to PIAC this time around ;-)

and yay for positive OPK! =)

Krista said...

YAY! Babydust! Leggo Eggo. Fertilize. Implant. Grow! I'm wishing and hoping that this will be the cycle for baby #3.

Is it stupid that I sort of miss POAS? I think I just like the science experiment aspect of it.

Nico said...

I am definitely an addict. I love having the knowledge of exactly what is going on with my body. It is very cool that you're surging naturally, I think that bodes really well. I'm so so so happy that this cycle is not cancelled after all!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! The last I read (I've been a bad blogger) you thought you were cancelled. Now you're getting positive OPKs and triggers and all that jazz!!! Woooo Hoooo!!! I hope the weekend rocks!

Pamela Jeanne said...

Totally understand...the two pinks lines on my OPK were the only ones I ever saw. Wishing you all the best here!