Saturday, January 12, 2008

cd13 update & a "holy crap" advil/aleve warning!

Slow grower I still am. 5 on left still there, but either still at 10 or have started to shrink. Lefty was a little shy today and we could only get a good measurement on 2 of them - both were about 15 on there longest side and still oblong. Which, is normal for me - I usually don't see them plump up to be circular until the end.

Plan is to have another u/s on Monday (cd15) where they should be 17-18mm, trigger on Tuesday and IUI on Wednesday. All subject to change of course.

But found out something big! I have a back issue from a birth injury w/ #2. I used to have to take narcotic pain meds on a daily basis, but with many back injections and 2 RFAs (radio frequency ablasions - where they go in and microwave the nerves to confuse them enough to get them to stop sending pain signals) I get by just fine on advil. Now, I know you can't take advil when pregnant, so I always stop in the 2ww.

When mentioning my meds today to the nurse, I told her I took advil last night and today. When the doc came in and read my chart, he was shocked at my use of advil. He told me that advil and NSAIDS (like aleve) can really screw up ovulation. It can make you annovulatory. It can make you ovulate prematurely. It can make things like growing follies but not releasing them happen. (hello? The latter is totally my issue). He told me to NOT take any advil or aleve or anything like that. To take tylenol and if I ever need anything stronger, to call him and he'll give me a narcotic (which still surprises me. I can't take advil while pregnant/ttc, but I can take a narcotic). I declined anything today and asked him if my slow growth will still be okay. He said I'm definitely still in the window of them being "good", so not to worry. Whew.

Did anyone else out there know that?


Nico said...

A friend TTC with quite long cycles did mention it to me recently. I did a bit of research on it, and it seems that the evidence is based on studies of people with long term use, not single dose. So I really don't think that it will make a very big difference.

But yes, I completely agree that it should be more widely publicized, if the docs really do think it's a problem.

bleu said...

I know about Tylenol only during ttc and pregnancy, but I have recently found studies saying they showed it was ok. Do a search for ibuprofen and ART if you want to find them. I don't use them but it is an IVF cycle, when just ttc I did when needed, just not often.

jenn said...

wow. That's really surprising to me as well- I tend to stay away from everything except for vitamins during the 2ww (and I really don't take anything usually), but I will freely pop some advil for af cramps... food for thought with my 'later' ovulation.

Jen said...

No I didn't know that, but I'm glad you posted this. I'm a huge advil fiend as I frequently get headaches. I hate tylenol because it doesn't work for them very well. Crap!