Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Questions & Answers, Part II

Okay, that was ~wonderful~ everyone! Thank you SO very much!! I had to take some time out to actually get some work done today - but I see there were more questions asked, so I'll go ahead and answer them here.

And really, thanks for supporting me today. As the day has worn on, I've gotten more at peace with knowing in my heart that I simply still have the trigger in my system. Although I want more than anything for it to be from a baby growing in there, all signs point to trigger. It's still not all lost, of course, it's only 10dpIUI - I don't start giving up hope until BFNs at 12dpo. I still have a good two days of hope in me!

With no further ado ... (had to look that one up. I typed "ado", but then thought it was "adieu". Both real words, but "ado" is the right on)

Q: What did you do to stop your fish from being mean to me after that first visit? Or was it their idea all on their own?
A: I had a stern talking with them.

Q: What is your relationship with your in-laws like?
A: Really good. His dad still mystifies me at times - I sometimes think he doesn't like me, but then I guess that's just his personality. I love them both though. Cool, eh?

Q: When getting dressed in the morning, do you put your left sock or your right sock on first (assuming you are wearing socks)?
A: left first.

Q: When getting undressed, do you take your left sock or your right sock off first?
A: left again.

Q: Same questions as above, but in regard to which pant leg goes on and off first.
A: I actually had to stand up and pretend to take off my pants. Left yet again.

Q: What kind of tree would you be and what would you think of being pruned?
A: One of those pink blossoming trees. I don't know what they are called. Maybe crab apple? heh. And totally no pun intended with the "crab" part. I would like to be pruned because all the dead stuff would be cut away, allowing the best growth out of me.

Q: What kind of animal would you be and, if you lived in a zoo, would you feel oppressed or be delighted that you got your basic needs taken care of without any effort AND got to watch a parade of goofy humans visiting almost every day?
A: I'd be a hippo. They looks so peaceful yet they are fucking hardcore. I'd be hyped about having everything taken care of, but the loss of freedom? I don't know if it would make up for it. I think of it as being a "kept woman" and having everything I want given to me, but not being able to go do what I'd want. I'd rather be poor and free than rich in prison.

Q: What activity do you like so much and think others are missing out on to great detriment that you actively promote it? (Besides the obvious, sex, roller derby, etc).
A: Regularly scheduled massages.

Q: What do you think is the most under-rated food?
A: The egg.

Q: The most over-rated food?
A: Caviar. Although kind of seems like I'm countering my last answer because this is an egg too, but this is a gross egg. Balls of fish juice. Ick.

Q: As an alternative to the books question, what 3 movies would you take to a desert island, and why?
A: Fight club cause it's bad ass. Office space cause it's funny. A christmas story because it wouldn't ever feel like Christmas without it (even on a desert island).

Q: What person have you lost contact with that you are most curious about?
A: Jason and/or Damian. And Jill and Scout.

Q: If you got a chance to name a mountain after yourself, which would it be? Which river?
A: Don't know. I'm not into geography, so I don't know mountains/rivers enough to answer.

Q: When's your wedding anniversary, and why did you choose that date?
A: July 14th. We wanted a summer wedding and that's just the date that things worked out for.

Q: If you could learn how to make the best ever any kind of food, meal, or dish, what would you want to be the best cook of?
A: Sushi.

Q: What is the worst thing you ever did in school?
A: Hrm. Tie. In high school, I walked out of my french class and threw my book on the teacher's foot. In college, I slept through my very last final of my senior year because I was drunk.

Q: If you could be best friends with any president-- past, present,or prospective; living or dead-- who would it be? Why?
A: Another one I can't really answer. I'm not into politics nor history. (man, some of these questions are so good and I look like an idiot by not having answers!)

Q: If you owned your own business, what would it be in?
A: Something that would change someone's life for the better. I think RE's have the coolest job to be able to give children to some women who would otherwise not have them. I would want to do something that life altering.

Q: If you had to lose a limb or organ, which would you give up and why?
A: Oh boy. What a question! A limb? What is the definition of a limb? Just arms/legs? I guess I would choose a leg. I would lose out on some ways to get around, but I could make due with one leg. What I wouldn't want to lose is most of my sense of "touch", which is felt through the hands.

Q: What kind of car do you drive?
A: A mom car. A ford freestyle. But as I look at Ford, looks like they've replaced it with this. The top picture looks like my car.

Q: A FNP prescribes 100mg of prometrium to be taken CD 15-28. Patient started the pill on CD 24 (or Tuesday), they will be taken until CD28 which is Saturday. On Monday patient has to start BCP again. Typical cycle length is 29 days. Prometrium was prescribed because FNP think the progesterone level is too low for the amount of estrogen in one's body- blood test results aren't back to prove what actual levels are yet. Will one's menses be delayed due to the progesterone, and that in combination with starting the bcp 1.5 days later, will that cause BTB, or just a funky late menses?
A: Whoa. I'm not an RE, so I can't even begin to tell you! But why would someone go on progesterone if birth control pills were going to start to be taken anyway? What would be the point? Without birth control pills, I can say that progesterone ~can~ delay start of AF, but not always. If the levels are high enough to fool body, it can be delayed. Or not. On each treatment cycle, I'm on 200mg of progesterone for my entire LP and I always end up getting AF. But given birth control pills, that's going to rise estrogen levels too, so it would probably fool the body into thinking AF shouldn't come, so I would guess that a combination of bcp ~and~ progesterone would keep AF at bay. But again, I'm not a doctor.

Q: What's your favorite movie and why?
A: I'm really into fight club again. It's really a complex movie.

Q: tell us about the contents of you cereal cabinet.
A: heh. Lucky charms, fruity cheerios, fiber one, fiber one flakes. That's it!

Q: If you could have any super powers what would it be and why.
A: The ability to stop time - but being able to bring anyone into my "time stop" with me. No fun by myself.

Q: Can AF start while you are taking progestrone supplements?
A: This is a reoccurring question. Yes, it can.

Q: What kind of toothpaste do you use?
A: Crest.

Q: Have you ever been a smoker (cigarettes)? If so, do you still crave one every once in awhile?
A: Yes, I was in high school and for a short time after college. Nope, I don't crave them.

Q: Have you always wanted three children or has this number materialized over time?
A: I had gone into this wanting two. But when #2 was still in my belly, hubby said he wanted another and I agreed. Since then, I've wanted three. I don't know if it's because he said he wanted one or if I would of made that choice given the time to make it.

Q: How many siblings do you have (not including IL's) and what are the age/sex of each?
A: 4 brothers and 1 sister. Brothers are: 15 yrs older, 13 yrs older, 10 yrs older and 8 months older (half brother). Sister is 7 years older.

Q: Do you have pets?
A: 2 cats. 1 tortoise. Lots of fish (including a frog).

Q: How old was Ella the first time you left her with someone else overnight? How did you feel about it? Was it easier with Allie the first time you left her overnight since you'd done it before?
A: I honestly don't remember how old Ella was. Wow, I can't believe I don't remember. It was with my mother though and it wasn't a big deal to me. I had pumped enough breastmilk for her to eat. With Allie, she was 3 months old and again, easy. No, it wasn't "easier" as I never had a hard time with it. I think it's very important to be able to have a life away from your children - a way to keep you as YOU. I am ~not~ just "mother of two girls". I'm also "Nancy". I don't want to be away from them a lot, but I am happy I can be away once in awhile.

Q: How do you do it all? I work don't have children and I feel like pulling out my hair sometimes trying to keep up with laundry and dishes. How do you manage work, being a mommy, keeping your house in one piece and keeping a spark in your marriage?
A: It all comes on you slowly. Had you picked me up when I was single or even newly married and dumped me into this life, I'd never of survived.

Q: You're really outgoing on line and it sounds like that carries over IRL. Is your husband really outgoing too or is he shy?
A: You know, he seems shy/quiet when you first meet him. But given the opportunity for him to get comfortable, he's just as outgoing as I am.

Q: Would you mind reading this post and providing input? I know you're in HR and I thought maybe you'd have an opinion on whether my interpretation of the whole job offer thing holds water. I know you're not in the same state and I don't expect you to research anything. I just want to know what your instinct says.
A: I got a bachelor's degree in Business Management, focusing in Human Resources in 1995. I worked in HR from 1995-1997. Since then, I haven't been back. And I also never focused in labor laws. I don't know what kind of position of them being 'bankrupt' does to your job offer. Yeah, they promised you a salary, but if the company goes under, I don't know if that gets them out of it. I would definitely call your state's Department of Labor office and ask them what to do. They can give you the real deal. Totally sounds crappy though - they aren't letting you go so you don't have a way to collect unemployment, but they aren't offering to pay you for any hours worked. It's obviously a joke, like you said it was. Ugh. That sucks. Sorry!

Q: do you know of me or am i just random to you?
A: Well, I know you from the fact you've been commenting to me for a very long time - from my first blog! But since you never link to your own stuff, I don't really know "you". I've gathered some info over the timeframe, but not enough for me to be able to tell lots back to you. If you are someone I "knew" from another forum, I'm not aware of it - but if you are, I would like to know. Whenever you post, I "know" you, but I don't "know" you - you don't give me much help in that arena though!

Q: How many pairs of uggs do you have and what color ( i am a serious ugg lover)
A: Just one. Pair of plain tan "classics". I almost got the dark chocolate brown, but in the store, I wasn't too impressed.

Q: If you could have any handbag in existence what would it be?
A: You know, I would love to have an answer, as I ~love~ handbags, but I don't. Because most handbags are completely out of my reach, I don't focus on them. I have an arsenal of Coach bags, but that's because they are relatively cheap - the designer handbag of the poor. I can tell you, however, I ~will~ buy a pair of christian louboutin heels before I turn 40.

Q: What do you think of someone wanting only one child?
A: I think that's completely fine and a personal choice. Although I think a child can have a good time growing up with a sibling, I don't think it's necessary.

Q: What is the part of your body you hate the most and what part do you love?
A: I hate my muffin top. My lord, when did my love handles get so bad? Ugh. Hate them. I love my boobs. I've never been able to love those before, so I'm taking advantage.


Amy Paden said...

Nancy, I asked because my FNP (who is like the only person I've seen for the last 10 years) wants me to take the progesterone in addition to the bcp because she thinks I have too much estrogen, and not enough progesterone(and she thinks that's causing the really bad menstrual migraines). And because I'm young (and didn't know any better) I believed her. After talking to Tammy, and she questioned it, I thought I'd ask you since you were looking for questions. but I've basically come to the conclusion that she doesn't know what she's doing in regards to this, so I will be calling a gyno to get this figured out. Thanks for answering though.

jamie said...

Ok I was on webmd when you where pregnannt will Alison my son and her are very close in age. I have you added on my myspace friends. I like the chocolate brown uggs to but now i seriously need the black ones. I know what you mean about coach but i really like some of their leather bags. You should look on bluefly for your shoes because they have a great selection on sale although honestly buying on sale never feels the same to me. I think that you are an awesome person and i love your sense of humor. You have no idea how many days you have gotten me thru.

Brianna said...

Thanks for replying. :)