Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Holy crap. I got tagged!

I never get tagged! Okay, sometimes - like once or twice in 2 years. But I got tagged! You know, I saw someone else say they didn't have anyone to tag because "everyone has already been tagged." Damn. I almost left her a 'woe is me' comment!

Anywho, wishing...hoping... praying tagged me. I don't actually know her real name, but I know her blog. (trigs) She's was ttc#2 and got the prize before she had to go on to losing her mind like some of us. She's 1/4 of the way through her pregnancy and I wish the best for her. (/trigs)

Onto the game ...

The rules are simple: link to the person who tagged you, list the rules in your blog, share six non-important quirks about yourself, tag at least 3 people, and leave those you tagged a comment so they can play too!

(this is going to be hard, because I'm an over sharer enough as it is)

1. My first kiss wasn't until I was 16. Total tomboy - always surrounded by boys, but always their "friend". But that first kiss unlocked everything - before I turned 17, I had already lost my virginity. Kissing was my "gateway drug".

2. I'm a professional massage addict. I get a massage every 3 weeks at the very least. When I have more cash flow, it's every week or every two weeks.

3. I have a substantial back injury from giving birth to Allison. My sacrum is twisted, causing me to have "facet joint disease" which means the joint in my lower back is extremely inflamed (shown via MRI) and the nerves are irritated coming out of the facet joint itself. Those nerves are pissed off and they let me know it, every minute, of every day. Chronic pain is another disease not many people understand. Think about infertility, you didn't understand it until you were in it's shoes, right? Same thing with chronic pain. Many people just think we are crybabies or drug addicts (due to the meds we take) but I would give my life's savings to never have to take another pain med as long as I live. There is never a moment my back isn't sending me shooting pains out my sides.

4. I've been snowboarding since I was a senior in high school. That was the end of 1989. That's 18 seasons so far.

5. Make that 17 seasons. I was out for an entire year because on the first day of the season in 1997, I missed a gap jump, landed into the side of the mountain and broke my lower right leg in half. That's right boys and girls - entire bone sticking into the skin, where you could see the end, but it didn't break through the skin. I didn't have health insurance so said no to the ambulance and had my friend drive all the way from salida to colorado springs (about 2 hours) and drop me off at a local hospital. I had 2 surgeries, screws and plates in my leg, a week in the hospital, 2 weeks at home unable to walk and almost $50,000 in hospital bills. People at work took up a collection for me for me to pay my rent (no sick time either) which was awesome. The hospital tried to sue me within 6 months of not paying them their $50k and I was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1998. That finally falls off my record this year. I suggest that if you don't have health insurance, don't do anything considered "dangerous", even if you think you are good. This was a freak accident and I paid dearly for it.

6. I was a child model for jcpenney catalogs. heh.

Now I tag my 'batcave' girls (inside joke) - Katie, Tammy, Jenn, Jewels & Monica. And I tag Glenn, my favorite non-"batcave gir"l.


Searching said...

I understand chronic pain too. I so hate going to the ER with a migraine. I try to hold out to go to urgent care because it's quieter and sometimes faster and there are less people to look at me like I'm the scum of the earth. They don't understand I'm not drug seeking, I'm just in severe pain and need it to stop. Sorry you have to go through all that. :(

Io said...

Ah! I hope that wasn't me saying everyone has already been tagged! You *should* have said "woe is me, now tag me you stupid cow." (If it was me - if it was somebody else, they might not appreciate being called a stupid cow.)
Um, my husband was just talking about wanting to go snowboarding and now I'm thinking it doesn't sound like that great of an idea...
I love that kissing was your "gateway drug."

nancy said...

io - i don't think it was you. I think the reason I didn't comment was because I didn't "know" the person at all. I'd of told you! :)

Jewels said...

I think you should post some pic's of your modeling days.


i love learning about my blogger friends! especially non-if stuff! p.s.-real name is rebecca :)

Lori said...

I think you should post some pics of the snowboarding accident.

You are one tough chick!

~ Joe ♥ said...

I agree with Jewels, I want to see! and kissing was my gateway drug too, lol.

Glennformer said...

I think you should post some pics of you outside the massage therapist's office, furtively glancing to see if the coast is clear before you duck in for your fix.

nancy said...

heh. All my jcpenny shots are at my mom's house. I should try to get them from her and scan them in. Good lord, I haven't seen them for ages.

Pics from my leg break aren't in existance. Except maybe the xrays. I think I may have those. I ~DO~ have the screws that were eventually removed!

Pamela Jeanne said...

I was 18 before my first kiss. Yeah. Really. No matter. I'm getting the BEST kisses now ;-)

JC Penneys model? I thought you looked familiar! As for the massages, dang, I'll try to get at least one a month. Every three weeks or less sounds better!