Tuesday, January 15, 2008

can my belly hurt a little LESS please?

pretty please? with sugar on top?

Like I mentioned before, I got the classic "follie tenderness" starting sunday night. But Monday morning showed ~nothing~. Then why, pray tell, do I have to endure the follie pain???

Little bastards.

I'm tender. It hurts to walk. It hurts to sit. It hurts when I touch & press. Both right & left do though. And we know righty wasn't doing anything except those 5 10mm follies that were just hanging out.

So why the pain? Does it ~hurt~ when the non-mature follies shrink back down? Because that I can handle. If it's because those follies are all dying off and I'm feeling the pain, okay, makes sense. But the pain I've always associated with the growing of large follies, well, that is giving me this fucking false hope. And I would ~love~ it if they would stop messing with my mind.

So. With whipped cream on top? Even a cherry? Let this pain be associated with growing pains OR let me find via dr google that dying follicles hurt.

update: Dr google is NOT helping.

Reasons for abdominal pain include:
Ovulation pain: nope. I get that and this tenderness is ~not~ that.
Cysts: nope. u/s kinda confirms that.
Salpingitis - inflammation of the fallopian: nope.
Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease: nope.
Endometriosis: just had a lap done and had the little I had removed. No way.
Ectopic pregnancy: choke.
Appendicitis: nope.
Other gastrointestinal problems: I certainly don't think so.
Ruptured follicle: nope. well, maybe - if the smaller follies I had were all popping. But u/s still showed them there. I think. Okay, this could be it? maybe?
Emerging follicle(s): damn them damn them all to hell! My follies are not emerging. They've proven they are at a standstill. See? This is Miss Hope talking. She put this in google.


Nico said...

You have another u/s on Thursday, right? I think I'll keep little Miss Hope in my back pocket for you, just in case.

jenn said...

she is the biggest bitch I know.
F- miss Hope.

although- one more day to find out for sure- right...

Wordgirl said...

You know when I was stimulated with Follistim last time -- I had many many little follicles as well -- it was a total surprise to everyone -- and I was in the hurt-bag -- tylenol extra strength every seven hours, wobbling upstairs and down, awful. I drank alot of gatorade and protein shakes -- just in case I was having some OHSS issues -- I'm not sure how it changes without the trigger shot though.

That is why I'm so gun-shy of Follistim round two though.

On the plus side, if there is a plus side -- they didn't cancel me, unfortunately -- and then I had ENORMOUS cysts on both ovaries and had to take a month out on BCP -- and that sucked too.

Hope that helps...


Jordan said...

Crazy stuff happening. I really hope that everyone here can feel the love for each other and not have hating or bickering.

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