Tuesday, January 29, 2008

oh yes, my 9dpIUI poas update.

Still a bfp from trigger. I was hoping to get a nice BFN today, so tomorrow's 10dpIUI would be a "real" poas day, but I won't have anything to compare to.

I have been poas since a few days after last trigger and they all have been getting progressively lighter. Today, per my 1,000IUs of Hcg/day being processed, I could have as much as 500UIs. But it was still really light. Actually, it's just as light as it was yesterday. I don't see much change between yesterday and todays. These internet cheapies sure don't give a lot of information.

All I can do now is poas again tomorrow and hope to see a darker line that today. But at 10dpo, the line would be really light anyway, so even ~if~ there was any hCG to detect, without a negative reference, it's not going to mean much.



Jewels said...

Sorry, but I hope you dont get your BFN. :)

bleu said...

Oh how I know the crazies from POAS.
Step away from the stick, give yourself a one day break and just pamper yourself.

Sending so much love and light your way.

nancy said...

oh no - me? step away from the sticks? no freaking way!! :)

charmedgirl said...

omg...those cheapies are only good for a yes/no. i was convinved i would get a chemical pregnancy-looking hcg beta number from my "poas line analysis"...and it came back 680 at 14dpo.

i think it's positive.

shinejil said...

May the BFPs continue past any possibility of them being trigger related.

Kaci said...

I think I'm on the other side of the camp from most of your commenters. I hope tomorrow's POAS is a definite negative so that there won't be any doubt when you see the BFP Thursday. I'd just rather KNOW, ya know?