Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two small things. Okay, three.

One, my effing scale is pissing me off. Yeah, yeah, it's cool and has all these extra things to keep track of, but really, the "weight" part IS the most important part, is it not? It keeps getting "stuck" on whomever it just weighed. If there is not a drastic change in weight, it will just flop right over to the weight it just figured out. For example - I was wearing all my work clothes - including my shoes, coat, scarf, everything. I weighed in at 142.2 lbs. Then I took everything off (yup, I'm obsessive) and reweighed. The scale looked like it was about to calculate it, it was 140 something and then FLOP - 142.2. Like it decided "wait a moment, I just weighed her. Let me just tell her what I just said." It's like the scale is annoyed by having to repeat itself. I had to move it, reset it and then reweigh to get it to do it's damned job. I'm returning it.

I'm 140 on the nose right now. Being 5'7", I ~know~ I don't need to lose much weight. But if anyone would like to take a gander at my naked tummy, love handles, butt and thighs, you wouldn't say "you don't need to lose any weight!". And while I don't need to get down in the numbers, 140 lbs of me currently looks much different than 135 lbs of me toned. So yes, I need to get into shape. Better shape. I need to lose fat. I need to regain most weight loss in muscle. But as anyone knows, you can't look at numbers alone. Well, unless I was Nicole Richie and weighed in at a whopping 87 lbs. Okay, ~then~ you could tell me I didn't need to lose anything!

What was the second thing? Ah yes. EWCM!!! I've seen it before, but it's super rare. Today, it was such an amazing bit that it took all I had to not grab a camera. I was quite impressed with myself. Too bad it only presents itself on not only rare occasions, but for very short time periods. Another reason why I endorse pre~seed! (what was the other reasons I endorse it? I make it sound like I am a never ending spigot of pre~seed endorsement reasons.)

And my third thing. I've been very cognisant of my writing style lately. And I will admit that it's because of my pure 100% jealousy of Wordgirl. (wg - forgive me for talking about you in such a public manner. If you would rather me not link to you, just let me know). Her blog is amazing. The way she writes just overwhelms me. It's so fluid. Man, I can't even begin to put into words how breathtaking her words are. What's even more astounding is it's not just her style, it's also her content. If you haven't been reading - take a look. You won't be disappointed.

Back to me (me! me! me!). When I write, I barely know the topic, much less how I'm going to formulate it all. As you can see, I think as I write and I write what I'm thinking. I take you along for the whole ride, no matter how mundane some of it gets. And I wish I was different. I wish I was able to get the most out of my words - none of it "filler". But, I know me and this is how I write. I can't change it without forcing it. So if you are reading me now, you are stuck with my style. But along with the junkfood that is my words, make sure you are getting your fill of the good stuff too. I just won't be able to serve it to you.


Lori said...

Height-wise and weight-wise, we are very similar.

And I TOTALLY get taking everything off for an accurate weight.

I always subtract 3 lbs from the gym scale. Surely my sneakers, clothes and iPod weigh at least 3 lbs, right. RIGHT??

nancy said...

ipods weigh like a full 2 lbs alone! :)

Wordgirl said...

Oh Nancy.

You are making me BLUSH. Honestly. Thank you.

But you, my friend-- honestly your blog entry about the birth of your daughter still resounds in my head as one of the most touching, well-written posts ever.

OOF -- and height/weight -- this will be addressed on my obsessive compulsive training blog at some point...but I am SO jealous of your progress. I haven't seen the 140's in a number of years.

Working on it. *sigh* I used to LOVE my scale -- because it actually held news I liked to read -- and then for the last few years I've avoided it -- which has been a huge mistake. I curse the person who told me I should stop weighing myself every day.

And I weighed myself every day -- and even took off my earrings.

Dork. :)


bleu said...

I would LOVE to take a gander at your naked tummy, love handles, butt and thighs (trust me!!) and I guarantee I would NOT be saying you need to lose even an ounce. THAT I can promise.