Wednesday, January 2, 2008

HSS? We don't need no stinkin' HSS.

There's calling today cd3, even though after the minimal flow on Monday and "wipe spotting" *(you know, unless you wiped, you'd have no idea) yesterday and today. He stuck in the speculum, determined there was too much blood for the HSS and left it at that. Asked me of my plans, told him I'm in for IUI#3 and back I lay for my cd3 baseline. Right ovary check. Left ovary check. Lining thin (duh). Script for letrozole, hCG and syringes and off I went. Next appointment will be cd9 for a follie check AND an HSS (didn't think I'd get away with not having one, eh?)

So a six day stay of execution on getting to find out if I have an oven in working condition or not. Yay. Waiting sucks. But as any IFer, you know this, right?

First day of the new insurance too. With a $250 deductible (gag) and only a 20% coverage plan, I'll have to pay $370 this time. Although after this one, deduct will be paid already and my IUIs will be a measly $120. Sweet. Oh, and I already started the process of pre-authing any future IVF attempts, to that is in the works. Not thinking negatively, just being proactive. Nothing wrong with that.

Oh, my once $3 script of Letrozole was $40. Ahhhh, gotta love lame insurance. I hated taking this risk, crappy insurance for a year on the chance I'll need IVF. One IVF cycle and it more than pays for itself. Murphy's Law should say I'll get pregnant easily now and I'll be stuck with 20% coverage, crappy pharmacy costs and a $2,500 out of pocket. But if it's Murphy's Law that will get me pregnant, so be it. It's only money, right? (ack.)


Kaci said...

I'm hopeful that Murphy's Law works in your favor this time! But hey, at least you know you have the coverage if you need it.

hoping for a child said...

i hear ya. i try not to think about all the money we are blowing thru. i think i'd be beyond depressed if i added it all husband just got a new job so at least the ivf will be covered next month.