Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vitamin poll.

Tell me. How many vitamins do ~you~ take everyday? And if you have a moment, list them out!

Me - 7 types in follicular phase, 5 types in luteal phase:
~folic acid (my RE requests his patients to take an extra dose to make it ~800mcg/day)
~B6 (100mg)
~baby aspirin - blood thinner.
~Vitamin E (400mcg) - this one is per RE's orders for my thin lining issue.
~Red Raspberry (1000mg) - strengthens uterine lining, which in turn, can lengthen LP. Stop taking in 3rd trimester if pregnant.
~Soy Lecithin - taken before a meal up to twice a day, stop in 3rd trimester - improves brain function, promotes energy, helps repair liver damage caused by alcohol, enables fat to be removed from body. Regarding fertility: Lecithin, can be involved in the availability of platelet activating factor (PAF). PAF is involved in reproduction in three ways: 1) in implanting of the egg in the uterine wall, 2) in fetal maturation and 3) in inducing of labor.
~EPO - helps cervical mucus by helping brain triggers through giving body essential fatty acids. Taken in follicular phase only.
~Green Tea Extract - helps thin CM. Taken in follicular phase only.

Hubby: 6 types at all times. All designed to promote healthy sperm count, sperm morphology, and sperm motility.
~MegaMan multi
~pycnogenol - known to assist in morphology
~zinc (25mg, added to multi, 50mg total)
~grapeseed extract (50mg)
~Soy Lecithin - Plays a role in male fertility. Test tube studies have shown that lecithin has the ability to restore normal structure and movement to abnormal sperm cells and nearly double the acrosomal response." The acrosome is "the caplike, membrane-bound structure covering the anterior portion of the head of a spermatozoon; it contains enzymes involved in penetration of the ovum."
~L-carnitine (low dose, as it's also in multi)


jen19380 said...

I used to go crazy with vits & supps, but I've scaled WAAAY back. Now I only take, on a daily basis:
1 prenate (already has 800mcg folic)
2,400mg (2 capsules) Fish Oil (for the anti-inflammatory effects in an attempt to curb my MS w/o drugs)
2000mg EPO (first half cycle only)
2000mg Flax Oil (second half)
*both above also help with inflammation.

I'm thinking about adding Vitamin E to my regime, but I have to read up on SAFE doses first. I used to take a B-complex (only 500mg) every day, but I got sick and tired of not only my pee but my CM turning yellow. Grosss....

As for DH..... I DID get him men's daily vits, but unless I nag him, he won't take them on his own. *grumble* So all I can really do is control his diet with what I feed him (lots of spinach, fortified OJ, etc.)

Trace said...

Prenatal vitamins and folic acid. I had a really hard time w/the prenatal vitamins because they messed up my digestive system so I had to find another.

soapchick said...

I take the following:
Mega antioxidant - has vitamins A, C, D3, E, K, folic acid and several other things.
Biomega - has fish oil, Omega 3, EPA and DHA.
Chelated Minerals - has iodine, zinc, mangesium, and other things.
Baby Asprin
Evening Primose - only during follicular phase.

Jen said...

I'm lame. I only take a prenatal.

BethH6703 said...

Just prenates (with 800 of folic acid) for me, and a multi-vit for DH.

bleu said...

I take an aspirin.
a flaxseed oil
a selenium/vit e combo (sel for my antithyroid antibodies)
A b-complex which has 800 folic acid

The b-complex I had to switch a few times because many brands give me the icky vitamin burps which I cannot stand. I do not care so much about the yellow pee but my CM doesn't turn.

hoping for a child said...

just prenatal and folic acid...because they make me. i don't believe in the efficacy of vitamins.

Melanie said...

I'm kind of embarressed to type this but, um, two flinstones complete. Seriously. My RE told me that taking two was the equivalent of a prenatal vitamin without the nausea. Fun fruity flavors too.

Chas said...

I just take the prenatals. I It's a really good prenatal though :).

Nico said...

At the moment I'm taking:
folic acid
fish oil
krill oil
Vit C 2x (getting over a cold)
Magnesium (had early contractions in my last pg - may help?)

I'm starting to feel like my mom and grandmom who take buckets of pills every day. I'm taking more and more as I get older...

Pamela Jeanne said...

My and my dh take a Centrum vitamin once a day with Calcium fortified OJ, and three capsules of flax seed oil w/Lignan (B.arlean brand) in the morning and in the evening. I swear by the flax benefits...!