Saturday, January 19, 2008

An update to today's news ...

Yesterday in my "chugga chugga" post, I talked about the tarot/horoscopes I received daily and how cool they are when they "fit" into my current situation.

Well, here are today's tarot and general horoscope:

Tarot: "The Ten of Swords card suggests that my power today lies in acceptance. I let go of all attachment or resistance to sustaining conditions that are out of my hands. E tu brute? I can't move forward by beating a dead horse. It's the last word so put a period on it and move on."

I don't like the "put a period on it and move on" part if I think of it in literal terms. Last thing I want it to put a period (AF) on the end of this cycle! But, in figurative terms, thinking how it's out of my hands and there's nothing more I can do, so just let it be - I do like.

Horoscope: "A very short-lived window of opportunity has just opened, and if you're smart, you'll jump right through it confidently -- with a great big smile on your face. Any hint of uncertainty, however, will land you right back at Go, without the $200. Remember, doubt is fatal to power."

Ovulation is a short lived window of opportunity and I will jump through it. I need to be positive about the experience though and allow hope to live. There is no reason why this can't work. It may not, but I will keep in mind that it CAN.

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jenn said...

Run with it. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason why you can't have a truckload of hope for this cycle- don't think about the what if's- think about the could be's!

Yes- hope can be the meanest bitch there is, but I am pretty sure she's ready to be nice after tossing me about so much- so take advantage of it!