Monday, April 21, 2008

I can ~see~ the hurdle. Jump Nancy, JUMP!

My lining has "started to respond". Which means, my pitiful thin lining on cd4 of 4.8 is now a 6.8 on cd7. "A little less than thin" which isn't really that great, since to be thin, I'd still have to get thicker, but hell, it grew 2mm in 3 days. I'll take the small things, okay?

He's calling some fancy dancy pharmacy today to special make me some pills. I need to take some vaginal suppositories of both estrace and viagra. (yes!) Except they don't like you to just stick a pill up your hooha. They have the pharmacy crush them up and then they encapsulate them in some waxy substance and THAT goes on up. Nice. The wax will be an added bonus, dontcha think?

The thing that sucks is he said he doesn't want to take them together. And from what I heard (denise) is that you take something like 4 per day. Of one of them! So do I have to take double that? Please god, let that be a no. Maybe he'll have them crush up all four in just one little magic bullet.

I of course have to wait to get my E2 levels from today's u/s. I still haven't found out what last week's numbers were, but I really didn't care, since my follies we little and my E2 would have been obviously low. It was simply the baseline E2. I was wondering what my FSH was and the nurse said she remembered it was "normal, like around 6". It was 5 on cd3 a year ago, so I'm definitely getting older.

Other things to mention...

~ I met with the ColoBloggers on Saturday far far far away in Denver. It was simply too far of a drive this time. I was 30 mins late due to the drive was 1 1/2 hours, we met for 1 1/2 hours and then another 1 1/2 hours to drive home. Definitely too much driving (and gas). I love all the girls and I love love love to see them in person (even though I didn't get to sit next to Denise. But I did get to sit in between Duffy and Meg. But then again, those two mesh so well, I got to sit back and watch the tennis match. Totally cool, of course, just those two shouldn't be separated!) it was too far of a drive. I got to laugh at Denise's box of treats (viagra), Keiko's updates on her IVF, I got to meet JEN! Yay!, Heidi looks great after everything she had done lately, Lori said some dirty things that shocked me and made me laugh cause she's awesome, Meg's giant lupron shots and her "i want to be grumpy even though I'm not" neice and Duffy's hippiness. Oh, and I got to see some "points queens" show me their knowledge. See? All totally cool and glad to be there.

~ I got pummeled at Roller Derby Saturday night. I was working the penalty box and a Dallas girl came rolling in and slammed into the chairs, arms flailing. Her wrist guard slammed directly across my neck - causing bruising from ear to front and multiple bruises from where she hit me on legs and then in turn I hit my legs on the next chair. I didn't even play and I got damaged. My neck looks terrible when you look at it. It looks like hickies. Well, not really, since hickies are like immediately purple and these took 24 hours to start to turn color. But still, the after effect doesn't look good.

~ I got in trouble too by my husband. Rightfully so though. I went to the game and left phone in car. And then went to after party and walked in a group - opposite way of where I was parked, and since I didn't know where the place was, I didn't go off to get my phone. I thought "I'll only be here an hour". And then it went longer. And I had fun. And danced like a jackass. And then they were calling bar time. And I never called home. I guess I got myself convinced he would just assume I went to after game party, but he didn't. I think I was just trying to rationalize my bad choice. I don't know why I didn't just borrow a phone either. But I came home, at 2:39am to a very upset husband. I was in the doghouse until around 830pm. I deserved it though, so I just had to suck it up.

~ In the RE's office today, I met a fellow blogger! ToriLou was there with hubby. I got called back before I could talk more, didn't even introduce myself to her husband (Tori, please apologize to him for me!). But it was cool to see her. She actually just asked me "Is your name Nancy?" She recognized my voice from my voicemail message, so that was cool. Good thing I'm such a talker!!

Okay - that's a freaking novel of an update post. I'll update back after the call from the nurse about my viagra. heh. That's seriously cracking me up.


Duck said...

Happy Viagra times to you, hope you have fun with that. A lining of 6.8 is very good, hopefully the viagra will push you over.

Lori said...

That was such a fun morning. Can't remember what I said dirty. I'm sure it was about gardening, though ;-).

Bummer about the roller hickeys. And has your hubby given you the keys to the big house yet (as opposed to the dog house).

Grow, lining, grow!

KatieM said...

I'm glad to hear your lining is responding!!! As for the waxy substances....all I have to say is yuck =P I prefer the pill shoving method, haha, although I can see the need to crush it up because some of my cytotec did fall out the next morning.

GL at your next lining check! You know I always have my fingers crossed for you ;-)

Miss Tori said...

Nancy!!! It was good to meet you this morning, albeit briefly! I wanted to ask several things, but darn it, the RE's nurse just had to interrupt us. lol

No worries about DH. Half the time he doesn't introduce me as he is so bad with names. I told him who you were and he was like "Cool." He is very laid back.

Glad to hear that the lining is starting to get thick. Viagra, huh?

I'll have to write more later. Am at work and don't want to get into trouble.


Jen said...

Can I tell you I am so not jealous of you having to stick waxy mixes of estrace and viagra up the hoo-ha... But I hope it does the trick and you aren't forced to stick your finger up there eight times a day. That seems excessive. Even for us well versed in this crap.

I'm sorry it was such a long haul up here. I know it was all worth it though to meet me. You just didn't want to make everyone else feel bad. Ha...

You just need to live closer really.

Wishing you all the best. Can't wait to hear about the viagra.

Denise said...

Yes, 4x per day for me with the viagra. Only 1 estrace at bedtime. They didn't tell me anything about not taking them together, so I have been. Huh.

Have fun with the viagra. I'm glad to be almost done with it. Ick.

Candi B. said...

Thank god that you don't just have to shove the pills in your hoohaa...I do! It is UNNATURAL AND DISGUSTING!!

nancy said...

Candi - but I do! They'll just be inside the suppository!

Meg said...

I got a smoothie that was way too much and was trying to schlep it off on all of the gals with no success....and you entered the cafe in perfect timing! I did not want it to go to waste but I will pretend it was my immense generosity for you driving for 3 freaking hours in the beautiful sunshine for us!