Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My luck is bound to turn, right?

I stopped at the RE's office to pick up my necklace I left at my Egg Retrieval. The nurse came out and asked me if I started my AF yet. "Nope, but I am enticing her with white panties and a sandwich."

And then she proceeds to tell me how they want me to have a nice big period with lots of hormones, shed that and then they'll build me up for a JUNE transfer.

Seriously. June.

I have the mod squad on ice, but that's where they are going to stay until summer. 6 months out of a year and I'll get two total chances. My IUI in january and the february IVF will finally come to fruition. Maybe. Remember - chances are it can still get cancelled.

How much more pitiful posts can I put up in a row? I'm beginning to not even like myself. I don't see how you guys are able to put up with me.


jamie said... luck will for sure turn! ((((hugs)))) Until you start posting about the random stalking of your neighbors or a murder you commited I will still come around. You're awesome and don't ever forget it!

Anonymous said...

Nancy I am so sorry things are not going smoothly for you. I wish there was something I could say to make things better but I know that words just can't make you feel better. I am offering a huge hug to you! I hope that nothing stands in the way of your June transfer and and you have a beautiful healthy embryo transferred to it's nice warm home for the next 9 months. I wish for nothing more than complete happiness and fulfillment in the months to come for you and your family
Lauren (L_Chelle)

Meg said...

Oh Nancy, I have not checked in and I have now had the chance to see you have had one hell of a doozy this week. I am so sorry you do not have the support you need and deserve at home. I cannot agree more with the idea that he seek some support and relief with a therapist. It is just so hard thinking that above everything else that you have to be the one your husband projects his stress, grief and anger on.

I wish things were going much smoother for you. See you in a few weeks with CO bloggers!

Morgan said...

We put up with you because we love ya! And it's not "putting up" with's just being there to listen to you when you need someone. You do it for others, you deserve it in return. I'm sorry..and that fucking SUCKS nuts.

Anonymous said...

Nancy we put up w/you because we care!! I hope your luck turns around and I'm sure it will. They always say bad things happen in 3's and I'm sure you've surpassed that so your due for something good!! -Jayme

jenn said...

Oh shit. June? What the hell is up wit April or May? Is it because June is the next IVF cycle at your clinic? I'm sorry if you've said this before.

fuck. I can only offer my hope that it only takes the next try.

Nic said...

Is June for definite sure? I ask because I had issues with the nurse at my clinic - she was telling me when we were getting ready for IVF that I wouldn't be able to do it until March if I did one more IUI cycle in October, where my RE and I had specifically discussed it, and January would be fine.

It *sucks* that A) you are not able to get a straight answer on this, and B) it looks like it is going to take a heck of a lot longer than you were hoping. Big hug, chica.

Chas said... sorry!

chicklet said...

Don't you hate when they make you wait so bloody long? I can totally relate. It makes me insane!